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Horizon Lab

An ISO/IEC 17025 accredited Laboratory

provides testing services to many industries including:
  • Food and Drink
  • Agriculture
  • Environment
  • Recreation and Hospitality
With more than 30 years of analytical experience, Horizon Lab continues to deliver testing services locally, nationally and internationally.

Horizon Lab’s is proud of the customer service it can provide day in and day out and strives for excellence in testing with a key focus areas of timely results and valuable information back to each customer.

Horizon Lab’s leading edge technology and instrumentation, experienced staff and personalized service, gives superior value and excellent service to our clients.



  • Feed and Forage Testing!
    Horizon Lab is excited to start the development of their Feed and Forage testing. To begin, services offered will be associated with nutritional testing and trace minerals with toxin testing scan to follow.

    Lead in Drinking Water
    Did you know that Health Canada is placing more emphasis regarding lead in drinking water?

    Real Estate Drinking Water
    Are you a real estate agent representing an interested client? Horizon Lab can help you out. Submit a water sample with a sample submission form unique for you. Refer to the “Services” section of our website and look for the Real Estate form. Please note, your client can only participate in the water subsidy program if they meet all of the requirements and the appropriate sample submission form is submitted,

    Industry needs change constantly
    Check in with Horizon Lab staff to discuss your industry requirements. Call Horizon Lab to discuss your testing requirements. Also, refer to the “Important Links” section below for additional information.

  • Please find our fee schedules under the Services section.

  • General Sample Submission Process
    Wondering how to submit a sample?

    • First, determine which sample package you require by referencing our packages in the Services section.
    • Then, determine which sample container (or containers) you require and obtain them.
    • Choose the appropriate sample submission form located in the Services section. It is important to read all of the instructions on this form; they are critical!
    • Deliver your sample either by dropping it off or via courier (be sure you know the time limits associated with your sample).

    Horizon Lab is an accredited lab via the Standards Council of Canada. Please see our Scope of Accreditation for our accredited testing services. Don’t see what you’re looking for? Contact us with your specific testing needs. Scope Of Accreditation

    Manitoba Sustainable Development is an excellent resource for your private well water information. Refer to the link below for several great resources. Private Well Information

    Would you like to see the most current set of Guidelines for Canadian Drinking Water Quality? Refer to the “Guidelines for Canadian Drinking Water Quality Summary Table at the link below. Guidelines for Canadian Drinking Water Quality Summary Table

    Would you like to learn more about lead testing in drinking water? We invite you to visit the following link for more information. Lead Testing in Drinking Water

    Interested in learning more about livestock water quality. We invite you to visit the following link for more information. Livestock Water Quality

Our Services

Currently, we offer analytical testing services in four key industries, but we are always expanding.
Don’t see what you are looking for here? Contact us to see if it’s something we’re working on.

Food & Drink

  • Water


  • Water
  • Dairy
  • Feed (New)
  • Forage (New)
  • Soil (future)


  • Water
  • Soil

Recreation & Hospitality

  • Water

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