hay and forage testing

Hay and Forage Testing

Price: $30.00 per sample

GrassLegumeMixedHaylageFermented CornUnfermented Corn
DM Dry Matterxxxxxx
CP Crude Proteinxxxxxx
ADF Acid Detergent Fiberxxxxxx
aNDF Neutral Detergent Fiberxxxxxx
Ca Calciumxxxxx
Potential Hay Matrices
Grass/HayLegume HayMixed Hay
Alfalfa/OatsCanolaAlfalfa (Lower lignin and sugar)
BahiaClovers (Red, white, Arrow, Misc)Alfalfa/Oats
Big BluestemLespedezaBermudagrass
Potential Forage Matrices
Haylage (ensiled/fermented)Fermented Corn SilageUnfermented Corn Silage
AlfalfaBMR TraitsBMR Traits
Forage Cut to all StagesForage Cut to all StagesForage Cut to all Stages
LegumesLightly FermentedFresh Cut
Mixed SpeciesSome Unfermented Corn silage
GrassStrong Fermented
Specialized Collection for Forage and Hay Analysis

For accurate analysis of forages and hays, including Grass/Hay, Legume Hay, Mixed Hay, Haylage, and Corn Silage, it's imperative to use the right sample collection methods. Samples should be collected in appropriate containers to preserve their natural state and prevent contamination. This is particularly important for tests that assess fermentation quality, moisture content, and nutritional value. You can obtain these specialized containers through local agricultural extension services or directly from our lab.

General Sample Collection for Hay and Silage Testing

For general quality assessments of forages and hays, including nutritional analysis and moisture content, high-density plastic bags or containers should be used. These containers are crucial for maintaining the integrity of the samples during transport and storage. They are available through local agricultural services or can be provided upon request from our lab.

Ensuring Precise and Dependable Analysis

Strict adherence to these collection guidelines is essential for obtaining accurate and reliable results from your forage and hay testing. Proper sample collection plays a pivotal role in ensuring the validity of nutritional analysis and suitability for animal feed. By following these guidelines, you can confidently make informed decisions about feed quality and composition.

Payment Options

Horizon Lab accepts many forms of payment including; cash, debit, MasterCard, Visa and Cheque (please make cheques payable to Horizon Lab Ltd. If you are a business looking to frequently submit samples, contact Horizon Lab to discuss potential account options.

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Comprehensive Hay and Forage Quality Analysis

Horizon Lab specializes in detailed hay and forage testing services, catering to the needs of farmers, feed producers, and livestock managers. Our lab, equipped with modern technology, offers precise testing for various forage types, including Grass/Hay, Legume Hay, Mixed Hay, Haylage, and Corn Silage, ensuring optimal feed quality and nutritional balance.

Our Testing Services Include:
  • Grass and Legume Hay Testing:

    In-depth analysis of Grass/Hay and Legume Hay for key nutritional parameters, ensuring feed quality and suitability for various livestock needs.
  • Mixed Hay and Haylage Analysis:

    Thorough evaluation of Mixed Hay and Haylage, focusing on moisture content, fermentation quality, and overall nutritional value.
  • Corn Silage Testing:

    Detailed testing of Fermented and Unfermented Corn Silage, assessing fermentation efficiency and nutrient preservation.
Cost-Effective Services and Flexible Payment Options

Our hay and forage testing services are competitively priced with clear, transparent fees. We accept various payment methods, including cash, debit, and credit cards, catering to our diverse clientele.

Customized Forage Testing Solutions

Every client has unique requirements, and we're prepared to offer customized testing packages to meet your specific forage analysis needs.

Access to Detailed Information

Download our comprehensive Hay and Forage Testing Fee Schedule for a full breakdown of services and costs. Following our collection guidelines is key to achieving accurate and reliable test results.

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Contact us for in-depth inquiries or to arrange your forage testing. Our team is ready to assist you in ensuring the quality and safety of your forage.